Adding a Traxxas MAXX to the garage!

I’m wicked excited to be able to say I have a Traxxas MAXX (Rock n Roll color) on the way from AMain Hobbies. The 10th scale monster truck, often called the miniMaxx by fans, is one of the most durable bash vehicles currently available. The truck will arrive next week, and I’m planning out what changes and upgrades I’d like to make to the truck. I do know that the first thing will definitely be to add a WideMaxx Kit to it. The toughest part will be deciding which color kit I’m going to use.

Blast and Bash

Since I’ve only been back in the hobby a short time, I’m doing my research and taking notes on the truck thanks to the official Traxxas Forums and, of course, YouTube. I have some ideas for a handful of other upgrades and I have my eye on a few different tire possibilities. I’m also brainstorming something very different to use as a body for my personal Maxx project. Now that ProLine has Extended Body Mounts coming soon, the number of body shell choices available to Maxx owners is going to explode.

In any case, to say I’m excited is an understatement. I wasn’t expecting to own a second vehicle so soon after getting my WL Toys 124019 buggy. While I’m still working on that car and having an absolute blast with it, I’m still very stoked to soon have a Traxxas Maxx 4s (It’s Here!!) to take out and bash as well. I’ll definitely be sharing more as soon as I have the truck in my hands. Around the same time, I’ll have an update on Project Mauve Marauder as well so there’s a lot coming to the site very soon. Until then, stay safe and always choose to send it!

Traxxas Maxx wheelie
Wheelies on command
Default image
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