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Affiliate Policy

The Crow City RC website is run by a single person as a passion project. Maintaining a domain and hosting obviously isn’t free. To help offset some of the costs, the site includes relevant affiliate links, both on individual posts and pages. As an Amazon Associate, Makerfire, WarrenRC, and Banggood partner, I earn from qualifying purchases (which means that if you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission). This does NOT result in any additional cost to you, and the affiliate money I earn helps pay the fees to keep this site up and running – I appreciate all of your support!

I never accept special “blogger discounts”, and none of my posts are ever sponsored. I’ll only ever recommend products that I’ve personally used and thoroughly tested. This is my personal policy and it will always be the policy of Crow City RC.

I have set up a Ko-fi page for anyone interested in making a one-time donation. (There are full details on what the money would be used for on the Ko-fi page itself. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.) I’m also toying with the idea of setting up a Patreon with bonus content and contests, but that’s something further down the line.

“Green & White Flower” Photo by Akil Mazumder from Pexels

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