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The folks over at the HMA (Hobby Manufacturers Association), have put together a great short video to help spread the word of the hobby industry, and all the different areas that exist for hobbies in general. During this pandemic, we have seen a lot of different areas actually prosper, as people are stuck at home looking for things to do.

When launching this site, trying to grow the hobby was something I wanted to strive for in every post, and there is no better time than right now to get into a new hobby! As a passionate life-long member of the hobby, I’d like to kindly ask that everyone share the video with their friends and family. Maybe someone you know is looking for something new and different to try, or maybe even as a reminder to dust off those RC cars they have sitting in the garage. There are plains, trains, and rockets. RCs, drones, and slot cars. The point is, just go have some fun!

Enjoy the video, and get ready, Crow City RC will be launching our own YouTube channel very soon! banner
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I’ve been involved in the RC hobby since the late 1970s. The focus of Crow City RC is the budget-minded hobbyist. Everything mentioned has your wallet in mind as I strive to find the best quality parts, tools, and accessories available at reasonable prices. It is possible to have a blast with RC vehicles without also going bankrupt.
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