New Photos of the WL Toys 104001 buggy!

Thanks to MakerFIre, We have a handful of new photos of the recently revealed WL Toys 104001 10th scale 4wd buggy. As shown below, the 104001 is a slightly bigger version of the WL Toys 124019 12th scale buggy (which itself, is a bigger version of the popular 144001).

I’ve only just received my 124019 buggy and even I’m tempted by this new release from WL Toys. I won’t be getting one myself but, if you’re considering picking one up from Makerfire, for a limited time, you can get a discount by using this affiliate link. (here’s info on my affiliate policy)

With every new release, WL Toys keeps stepping up their game. As someone who is on a fixed income, and only buys more budget-friendly RCs, I appreciate that they try to offer quality, hobby-grade RC vehicles, drones, and boats at a very reasonable price.

Yes, I understand that there are other manufacturers out there who offer budget RCs. In fact, WL Toys vehicles are cheaper copies of what LC Racing produces. My point is, WL Toys offers similar quality at an even lower cost. You have to make some upgrades to the WL Toys models in order to reach the same level of performance, but for people who like to tinker, that could be seen as a positive as well. And I am firmly in that group. I love buying a reasonably-priced RC and then tinker, modify, and upgrade it. I can turn it into the type of vehicle that suits my needs and style and I do it at a really low cost. It’s the best of all worlds if you ask me.

The 104001 buggy seems like another home run for WL Toys. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of people snatching these up and the Instagram posts and YouTube videos will soon follow. I’ve already seen one short video of the buggy running. And it looks like a fast, tough car.

Are you considering ordering one? Or are you happy with the fleet of vehicles you’ve got? Let me know in the comments below. Personally, I’m satisfied beginning my Mauve Marauder project so I’ll be waiting a while before I go buying another car or truck. Gotta mind the budget after all!

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I’ve been involved in the RC hobby since the late 1970s. The focus of Crow City RC is the budget-minded hobbyist. Everything mentioned has your wallet in mind as I strive to find the best quality parts, tools, and accessories available at reasonable prices. It is possible to have a blast with RC vehicles without also going bankrupt.
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